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There are two aircrafts available that use approved hand controls to accommodate pilots with lower limb disabilities. The PA28 Cherokee has been fitted with a Vision Air hand control and has a wide walkway, whilst the Cessna 172 has a portable bolt on Union hand control that allows us to cater for most, if not all people with disabilities.
The modification allows the rudder pedals to be operated by hands. In this way, full flying control of the aircraft is maintained.

Cessna 172

Four seat training / touring aircraft, high wing
 Useful load: 904 lbs. Standard empty Weight: 1403 lbs. Max. speed sea level: 125 knots Service ceiling: 14,200 feet Fuel capacity: 43 US Gallons Fuel tanks: 2 Range: 455 nm (with reserve) Rate of climb, sea level: 770 feet per minute Engine: Avco Lycoming O-320-H2AD, 160 horsepower
 Fitted with the Union aviation bolt on hand control

Cherokee PA28

The Piper PA-28 Cherokee is a family of light aircraft that were designed for flight training, air taxi and personal use.
General characteristics
→ Length: 23.3 feet (7.16 m)
→ Wingspan: 30.0 feet (9.2 m)
→ Height: 7.3 feet (2.25 m)
→ Empty weight: 1201 lbs (544 kg)
→ Loaded weight: 2150 lbs (975 kg)
→ Useful load: 949 lbs (430 kg)
→ Max takeoff weight: 2150 lbs (975 kg)
→ Maximum speed: 142 mph (230 km/h)
→ Cruise speed: 124 mph (201 km/h)
→ Range: 535 sm (867 km)
→ Service ceiling 14,300 feet (4400 m)
 Fitted with the Vision air hand control

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